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Robin Trower: “Bridge of Sighs” 1974

"Bridge of Sighs" is a classic rock album by British guitarist Robin Trower, released April 20, 1974. It was his second album after leaving Procol Harum, and was a commercial breakthrough for Trower. It was certified Gold on September 10, 1974. The album features Robin Trower's signature guitar style, which is heavily influenced by the blues, and it's considered one of his best works.

The album includes some of Trower's most famous songs, including the title track "Bridge of Sighs," "Too Rolling Stoned," and "Day of the Eagle." The album also features the soulful vocals of bassist James Dewar, who was Trower's longtime collaborator.

"Bridge of Sighs" is often cited as one of the best rock albums of the 1970s and has been praised for its innovative guitar work, powerful vocals, and memorable songs. The album's production is also noteworthy, with its warm, organic sound that captures the energy and emotion of Trower's playing.

"Bridge of Sighs" is a must-listen for fans of classic rock and blues-based guitar music.

Trivia: There are two versions of the album cover. On some, the cover art by "Funky" Paul Olsen is rotated 180°. Early printings of the original album cover had the front image upside-down and were more greenish in color.

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