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Uriah Heep: “Demons and Wizards” 1972

"Demons and Wizards" is the fourth studio album by the British rock band Uriah Heep, released May 19, 1972. The album is considered to be one of the band's seminal works and a landmark release in the progressive rock genre.

The album features a mix of heavy rock, progressive rock, and hard rock, with intricate arrangements and elaborate vocal harmonies. The songs on the album showcase the band's musical virtuosity, with complex time signatures and instrumental passages.

The album includes some of the band's most iconic tracks, including "The Wizard," "Easy Livin'," and "Rainbow Demon." "The Wizard" is a classic rock anthem, featuring a memorable Hammond organ riff and a catchy chorus. "Easy Livin'" is a hard-hitting rocker with a driving beat and a powerful vocal performance by lead singer David Byron. "Rainbow Demon" is a slower, more introspective track with haunting vocals and a brooding atmosphere.

The album was produced by Gerry Bron, who had previously worked with bands such as Deep Purple and Manfred Mann's Earth Band. The album's cover art by Roger Dean, featuring a striking image of a wizard, has become iconic and is often cited as one of the greatest album covers of all time.

"Demons and Wizards" is a highly regarded album in the history of rock music, and is considered to be one of Uriah Heep's best works. It continues to be popular with fans of the band and of progressive rock in general.

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