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Yes: “The Yes Album” 1971

The Yes Album is the third studio album by the British progressive rock band Yes, released February 19, 1971. It is considered a landmark album in the band's discography and a seminal work in the progressive rock genre.

The Yes Album marked a significant departure from the band's previous albums, featuring longer and more complex compositions with intricate arrangements and virtuosic instrumental performances. It was also the first album to feature guitarist Steve Howe, who replaced Peter Banks after the band's second album.

The album's track listing includes classic Yes songs such as "Yours Is No Disgrace," "Starship Trooper," and "I've Seen All Good People." These songs showcase the band's signature style, blending rock, jazz, and classical influences into a unique and innovative sound.

The Yes Album has been widely praised for its musical ambition, technical proficiency, and creative vision. It remains a beloved album among progressive rock fans and a key influence on subsequent generations of musicians.

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