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Gibson ES Series Electric Guitars

The Gibson ES series of electric guitars is a line of semi-hollow and hollow body electric guitars manufactured by Gibson. The ES in the name stands for "Electric Spanish" and the series was introduced by Gibson in the late 1940s as a response to the growing popularity of electric guitars.

The ES series has been used by many famous guitarists, including B.B. King, Chuck Berry, and Wes Montgomery, among others. The guitars are known for their warm, rich tone, which is due in part to their semi-hollow and hollow body construction.

The ES-335 is perhaps the most iconic model in the series. It features a semi-hollow body construction with a center block that runs down the middle of the body, which helps to reduce feedback and increase sustain. The ES-335 has a warm and full-bodied tone that is perfect for blues, jazz, and rock music. Legendary guitarist Larry Carlton is affectionately known as "Mr. 335" owing to his association with that particular model.

The ES-345 and ES-355 are similar to the ES-335, but they include additional features such as stereo outputs, varitone circuits, and multiple pickups. These guitars have a more complex sound and are well-suited for players who want more tonal options.

The ES series has undergone various changes and updates over the years, with different models featuring different pickups, hardware, and finishes. Gibson continues to produce the ES series today, and the guitars remain popular among musicians of all genres.

Trivia: While it's easy to assume that ES guitar models are numbered according to their feature set (they mostly are), the numbers actually directly correspond to the original list prices, in dollars, of the various models at the time of their introduction.

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