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The Gibson SG Electric Guitar

The Gibson SG is an electric guitar model that was introduced by the Gibson Guitar Corporation in 1961. It has since become a popular guitar among many different styles of music, from rock to blues to metal.

The SG has a solid body with a double-cutaway design that allows easy access to the upper frets. The body is typically made of mahogany, and the neck is also typically made of mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard.

The SG is known for its bright and punchy tone, thanks in part to its dual humbucking pickups. These pickups use two coils to cancel out noise and produce a fuller, warmer tone than single-coil pickups. If desired, the SG could also be had with the earlier P90 pickups, popular for their bright-but-thicker tone than other single-coil pickups.

The SG was originally designed as an update to the moderately successful Les Paul model (1952-1960), and one for which Paul had no input. Paul disapproved and subsequently requested his name be removed from the guitar which, although officially renamed the SG, were still seen with the Les Paul name on them as late as 1963.

The SG has gone through a number of different variations and updates over the years, with different models featuring different pickups, neck profiles, and other specifications. Some of the most famous SG players include Angus Young of AC/DC, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, and Derek Trucks of the Tedeschi Trucks Band.

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